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Property Condition Survey

Instructions: Please complete and upload any documentation you feel will adversely effect your property value.
Property Name or Address:
Purchase Price: $    Date Purchased:   
Current Asking Price (if listed for sale): $    Phone:   
Overall Condition: Please state the overall physical condition on January 1, . Any foundation problems, rotten wood, termites, etc. Please explain and furnish documentation which shows the cost to cure on January 1, . Upload additional pages if necessary. Please make sure all attachments reference the subject property.
Other comments regarding physical occupancy, rental rates, concessions, etc. (If applicable)
Is there anything around the property (or surrounding properties) that could adversely effect
the property value:
General Condition:
  Yes No    Estimated Cost to Repair
Electrical Problems     $
Plumbing Problems     $
Past Termites     $
Present Problems     $
Past Foundation Problems     $
Current Foundation Problems     $
Roof needs repair     $
Roof needs replacement     $
Driveway/Parking (commercial)     $
Pool Problems     $
Interior needs renovation     $
Exterior needs renovation     $
You can upload supporting documents here (PDF files or JPG images only). The total combined file size must be less than 15MB.

If you would like to send additional material documenting the damage and expenses, you can email it to our office at: or mail it to:
811 Bradford Ave. Ste. 4A
Kemah, Texas 77565

Be sure to include your name, address and property tax account number.
  I hereby certify that the above costs to repair are provided to the best of my knowledge and ability and I understand that checking this box constitutes a legal signature.
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Account Number:    Email:
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